Multimedia Training Systems - A DIFFERENT Kind of Company

MTS has changed the PARADIGM for Forging and Machining Industry safety training. There is no other company in the WORLD who provides the scope of training that we offer. MTS training has proven to affect employee behavior, reduce incident rates and save lives.

Below are examples of a powerful accident recreation and a riveting injured employee interview.

Take a look and see why the largest companies in the Forging and Machining Industry utilize MTS’ Safety Training Program.

Forge Press Incident
Using video and images to recreate actual incidents that have taken place. Through these recreations we help employees understand how to avoid similar situations and avoid injury.

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Fall Protection Interview
MTS safety training feature interviews with injured steel industry workers and affected family members who explain how incidents occurred, how injuries affected their lives, their families lives and how incidents could have been prevented.

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Pedestrian Incident Animation
Utilizing images and video from the scenes of actual near misses we recreate these incidents to raise awareness of the possible impact they can have on an employee, their co-workers and their families.

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